Make our brand relevant to an international market

Make our brand relevant to an international market

District 6 Microbrewery, Bangalore

Branding a number of new microbrewery and restaurant ventures requiring an international feel to support a global growth strategy for our Indian clients.


Development of a new brand with mass market appeal that’s relevant to an international audience.

District 6 Food Theatre, Ludhiana

Creation of all branded materials with a bold, simple, unfussy appeal in order to reflect a broad customer base and meet international ambition.

The Persian Trader

Delivery of naming and packaging, plus all branded support items to ‘Westernise’ this high quality Iranian saffron producer to appeal to a UK audience. Now No.1 on Amazon.

Castle Hill

Desiring a distinctively Western feel for this Indian Whisky, creation of naming and all branding. Product sells out on first day.