Help launch our great concept

Help launch our great concept


Co founded, organised and created all branding materials for the launch of this international festival.


Development of packaging, label design and supporting branding elements has given a strong shelf impact attracting both retailers and consumers.

District 6

Based in India, Pax creates concept personality, naming and all branding elements for this new, high-end microbrewery and food theatre venture. Due to success more venues planned.


Developing a strong personality across all media to communicate the new company offer and appeal to new staff.

Castle Hill Whisky, India

What to do with existing bottle stock? Research your market and create a new brand that meets their needs. Sells out on first day.

The Pea Green Boat

Close team collaboration to launch a distinctly personal pack range that enhances the perception of quality while losing none of the quirkiness.

Mrs Tilly’s

Through a close association and request from Tesco, we developed a new range for our long-standing client. One of many successful launches that’s helped boost company success.

Edinburgh New Town Cookery School

While the plaster was still drying at this grand New Town townhouse location, we were working to develop all branding materials to communicate the undoubted quality of the venue and offer.

Cairns Walker

Creation of all branded materials to launch company to industry leaders and opinion makers, raising their awareness and communicating their quality offer.


Changing the perception of an existing Chapati product to tap into the U.K. sandwich eating market.